I do like my food

‘She likes her food’, observed Mr Rice Senior (my father-in-law) as I finished the fourth course of the lovely Christmas dinner he had prepared for us. He said it again as I tucked into a light, fluffy piece of festive cake, heavy on the marzipan, heavy on the icing. And again when I accepted his offer of a second helping of chips.

And thus he inspired the name of this blog. Enjoy.

Update: April 2011.
RIP Harry, we will miss you x


  1. You do like your food mrs.rice…i’ve heard that about you!!

    Come on glasto..lots of food to eat there…


  2. What a superb Blog Mrs Rice, looks like you’re looking after Mr Rice very well!

  3. What a hoot Mr and Mrs Rice. Glad to see Mr. Rice Snr can be so inspirational. Briillllliant. Personal,funny and helpful website. Lol Hazexoxoxo

  4. hey there sister!your so clever,this web site is wicked!well done i still cant believe i managed to escape the hawk eye of senior rice and co-me the cookie monster and heaithy well proportioned you is being unfairly attacked,however this is the perfect retalliation!i did try making some oatmeal cookies the other day they looked bad but tasted so good i ll bring some round next we re over keep up the good work!! love mrs rice xxxxx

  5. I like my food, too! have had a look around your blog and really like what I’ve seen so far. Lots of yummy ideas. I’m adding you to my links, can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  6. I like your blog ! Stumbled across it looking for a healthy fish and chips recipe , and might I say you have a wonderful blog with great recipes .

    Inspired more than I ever have been before –
    I’m off to the kitchen now !

    Thank you thank you thank you ,

    Jordan . xoxoxo

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