Rhubarb butterscotch pie – aka ‘different every time pudding’

July 20, 2007


This recipe really is a family heirloom, just like my great-grandma’s book, which holds the original recipe. It’s really simple to make, and it was one we were trusted to make ourselves when we were kids. The measurements in the recipe are quite idiosynchratic, meaning that it never turns out the same, hence the name ‘different every time’.

The original recipe does start with pastry, but I have never included this, and it doesn’t detract from the quality of the pie one bit.


© Katheryn Rice 2007


  1. I love the very precise measurement of ‘breakfastcupfuls’.

    Did you have Golden Wattle Cookbooks here? Probably not, Wattle being Australian and all, BUT that was my legacy cookbook. Our copy was so well-loved that it was literally falling apart.

  2. The recipe comes from a series of Ambrose Heath books, this one ‘ Good Pies and Tarts’. Other titles include ‘Good Puddings and Pies’, ‘Good Breakfasts’, ‘Good Cheese Dishes’, ‘Good Food for Children’ etc and they date from the 1940s. They have all been very well used!
    Katheryn’s Mum

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