Generous portions at Harry’s Bar, Hove

July 9, 2007

What was intended to be a light, early evening snack turned into our full evening meal when we saw the size of the very generous portions at Harry’s Bar. Mr Rice loves a club sandwich when he’s away from home, but this was definitely not the poncy, tiny white bread triangles you get by the pool at some show-off hotel, this was more like a club doorstep made with delicous, tasty granary bread.


I had the same bread to accompany my smoked haddock smokie, which was creamy, rich, cheesy and very smoked haddocky – and accompanied by buttered toast and red wine – delicious.


And Harry’s Bar’s piece de resistance? No mint imperials or chocolate orange slices here – but fruit salads and black jacks. Pudding was sorted there and then!


© Katheryn Rice 2007

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