Aumthong Thai, Brighton & Hove

July 8, 2007

Mr Rice and I went to Brighton to celebrate becoming Mr and Mrs one year ago, and took ourselves for a Thai meal. Aumthong Thai had excellent reviews and was just round the corner from our hotel, which made for a relaxed and easy evening.


It was also the only place on my shortlist that was not full when I called to book, and it wasn’t full when we arrived either. We started with Dim Sum, which you can’t really go wrong with, and they didn’t disappoint – prawn and pork mince in light dunplings with sweet soy dip. The garnish took up 75% of the plate, and was as fancy and over the top as I have seen. The pristinely carved carrot flower was a bit over the top, and the rest of the garnish was huge. It felt slighty wasteful, but points for effort!


We didn’t stray too far from the woods for our mains – green curry and pad thai! It was tasty and enjoyable but not that memorable.


© Katheryn Rice 2007

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