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Pan fried duck breast with stir fried spring greens with egg and garlic

June 13, 2007


Mr Rice is so resourceful sometimes. I love it when I get home from work and he has been diligently cooking away. He’s not a ‘beans on toast for tea’ kind of man, he’s more of the ‘how can I show off with these ingredients?’ sort. This definitely works for me. This was a well-presented and carefully constructed dinner. The duck was succulent on the inside, crispy on the inside and sitting on a bed of Mr Rice’s lastest culinary invention: Stir fried spring greens with egg and garlic.

Recipe for Stir fried spring greens with egg and garlic
500g spring greens
1 egg
olive oil
soy sauce
several crushed garlic cloves

Cook the garlic gently in the oil for a few minutes, but be careful it doesn’t burn or it will be too bitter. Then add the spring greens and cook for a few minutes, coating in the garlic and oil. Then beat the egg and stir into the mixture. Cook for a couple more minutes and serve.

© Katheryn Rice 2007

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