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Some facts about lentils

May 20, 2007


Later on today I am going to make something I have been planning to cook for ages: quiche with a lentil and oat base. In my bid to eat more healthily and follow some of the Holford Principles, I am trying to avoid carbohydrate-heavy food like pastry.

In the meantime, here are some wiki facts about lentils:

  • They contain 26% protein – the highest content in any vegetable except soy beans
  • Other goodness includes a high proportion of fibre (31% in green lentils, 11% in red lentils) and B vitamins
  • Lentils have virtually no fat
  • Half of the world’s lentil production takes place in India
  • The largest exporter of lentils is Canada
  • You can make a kind of savoury pastry from lentils and oats

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