Pisces, St.Lawrence Gap, Barbados

May 2, 2007

Moving a tiny bit further down the coast to St.Lawrence Gap, and the famous Pisces restaurant.

Pisces restaurant, Barbados

Beautiful setting, huge restaurant.

Pisces resturant, St Lawrence Gap

Scallops and shrimps in a thai red curry sauce was pleasant enough, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Pisces Fish

This dessert made the whole trip worthwhile. It was billed as ‘Key Lime Meringue Pie’, so by rights there should have been some meringue. There wasn’t, but one mouthful and all was forgiven. The light, buttery pastry held a heavenly lime curd, which melted together to make an ecstatic combination of loveliness. Caramelised sugar on the top sharpened and sweetened each mouthful to perfection. My only regret is that, like many ecstatic moments, it was over far too quickly.

Pisces Key Lime Pie

© Katheryn Rice 2007

One comment

  1. what a lovely night.. beautiful food and great company with the soft bajan breeze cooling us down after a long day on the beach.. great memories!

    chap xo

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