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Even more American – Bert’s, Rockley, Barbados

April 27, 2007

Filling up on mango daiquiris before we started eating was probably a bit short sighted, but how could you not? Mr Rice and his colleagues were as keen as I was, so we got a pitcher full.

burt mango daiquiri

Bert’s is a vast sports bar with ice hockey, football, boxing and¬†baseball on screens that are in view wherever you sit – in a booth. I don’t suppose you get much more American than this, but again, the company rendered the surroundings largely irrelevant. There was nothing unexpected on the menu, so we settled for chicken wings, burgers, pizza.

burt chicken wings

The chicken wings were tender and moist, lots of barbeque sauce and not too greasy. Psychologically, a garnish of carrot and cucumber sticks with the sour cream gives you a tiny weeny feeling that you are being healthy.

Burt wicket keeper pizza

We were in the Caribbean for the Cricket World Cup. I went for the roasted vegetable pizza called the ‘Wicket Keeper’. It was a pretty good antidote to rest of the meal, and I almost felt redeemed as I tucked in. The final straw was the pineapple and strawberry daiquiri, which was equally sugary and sweet – and the last straw. We were in an American sports bar and we stuffed ourselves. When in Rome and all that.

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