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Organic Box from Abel & Cole

April 13, 2007

I have been thinking about this for a while, and finally got around to it. It’s difficult to gauge what size of box you will need, as the quantities in each are not divulged. The contents of the boxes are just a very vague ‘carrots’, or a mysterious ‘apples’, so you can’t really tell if you will be able to eat it all until it arrives. The Abel & Cole website does give some guidelines on how many people each box will provide for, and if you are willing to take the gamble then you will be pleasantly rewarded with a box of healthy, organic veg and/or fruit on your doorstep on a Friday morning.

Abel & Cole

It looks great and is an extra convenience for those with busy lives and green consciences to ease. An additional saving for me is that I am less likely to walk up the road to the shop for a carrot and come home having spent £20. I have saved money just by not going to Sainsbury’s and buying things I don’t need. Ditto for the milk deliveries we started recently.

Another incentive for me is the likelihood of receiving something in the box that I would not normally buy. Fennel, kohl rabi and beetroot have all featured over the last few weeks. My hope is that new vegetables will inspire new recipes. The fennel ended up in some tasty courgette and carrot fritters.

The only ingredient I really did not get on with was the organic bean sprouts. They ruined a potentially delicious salad.

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