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Special Sausage and Mash

April 7, 2007

Sausage and mash can be done cheaply, extravagantly or originally. Mr Rice treated me to a farewell meal on his last day at home with his own take on the classic English dish.

What I loved about this meal was that Mr Rice chose all my favourite foods, and he knows very well that the way to my heart is through my sweet tooth, with a consideration for my interpretation of a low GL diet. His bangers and mash comprised:
Full sized pigs in smoked blankets
Sweet potato mash topped with parmesan
Caramelised onion gravy
Steamed brocolli

The pigs in blankets are cooked in the oven, giving them a super-crispiness combined with caramelised edges. Drizzle them with the caramelised onion gravy and fill your boots!

©2007 Katheryn Rice

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