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L’Arco, Buckingham Palace Road, London

April 3, 2007

Our original plan was to treat ourselves to a meal at the Mango Tree, but that didn’t work out, so finding ourselves hungry in Victoria, we dropped into the first place we could find.

It felt as if we had travelled through time and space to an Italian restaurant in Doncaster some time in the late eighties. It is family-run, possibly popular with the tourists or families, but the food was basic, old-fashioned Italian resturant style. It was quite tasty, but certainly not inspiring in any way. My chicken topped with bacon and cheese was a puzzlingly regular, rectangular shaped, topped by a slab of ham, in an equally un-nerving rectangle. The vegetables were competently cooked, and the whole meal was harmless and almost pleasant. Having said that, my favourite part of the meal was the fresh bread and butter, which is not something I eat much these days.

The service was good, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. My dessert seemed to get lost in translation or on the way from the kitchen, but in the end I was glad it never arrived. We filled ourselves up with the forgettable house wine and we left as uninspired as we arrived.

©2007 Katheryn Rice

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