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Oli Rice’s Coq au Vin

March 31, 2007

Getting together with the Rice brothers is never boring. This particular evening revolved around wedding talk, Zoolander, Elton John and and a very tasty Coq au Vin, courtesy of Oli Rice, who has also inherited the cookery gene.

I don’t have the recipe for this one, it’s still in Oli’s head. Not only did he cook a fine dinner, but he achieved this under a bit of pressure. I’m suprised he could concentrate on the cooking this evening, or any other evening. Overlooking the oven is a ginormous portrait of Oli’s nemesis – a tiny Chihauhua named Louis, with whom Oli shares the house and a constant struggle for territory and superiority. He stares down from the wall like an old portrait of an ancient patriarch. His eyes follow you round the room and it’s easy to imagine him jumping out of the photo and devouring you if you make a wrong move.

Despite this distraction, Ollie cooked the chicken to perfection. It fell off the bone, soaked in the rich red wine, which also gave the button mushrooms an appealing tang and depth that made them edible, even to me.

©2007 Katheryn Rice

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