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Back in time to Ottley’s Plantation Inn, St Kitts

March 24, 2007

On my last day on St Kitts we hired a car and did a mini tour of the whole island. Our first stop was the Brimstone Hill Fortress on the Atlantic side, where the English used to hide behind walls and fire guns and cannons at the French, when they weren’t killing the indigenous Amerindians or making money out of the Africans they kidnapped. It put things into perspective – put simply, the slave trade helped fund the industrial revolution. Where would we be now if that had not happened? Making that link was quite a disturbing realisation, and one I am sure I should have had before.

Fitting, then, that our next stop was Ottley’s Plantation:

 Ottley's Plantation Inn

It’s an idyllic setting. The colonial house overlooks a pristine lawn, with the brooding mountains in the distance, surrounded by vast fields of sugar cane. But imagine the scene in the 17th century – not so idyllic for most of the residents.

The restaurant had a quiet air of decadence and tranquility, with white western diners ranging from amiable, boisterous Scots, to polite English visitors to snooty Americans. The staff were kind and considerate and generously squeezed us in for a late lunch at 2.59pm. The food was flawless. My Coconut Crusted Island Chicken with fried plantain was perfect in every way. Sweetness has emerged as a recurring theme on She likes Her Food, and is one of the reasons this meal really hit the spot. The crunchy, coconut crust was drizzled with soy and honey sauce, and with the fried plantain every mouthful was heavenly.

Coconut Crusted Island Chicken

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