Seafood at the Monkey Bar, St Kitts

March 22, 2007

Like all the bars in Frigate Bay, it’s got a pretty cool name. The Monkey Bar has also got a reputation as one of the best bars on the strip. It was pretty quiet when we were in there. The bar was well stocked, but our cocktails took twenty minutes! The poor waiter looked like he would rather be anywhere else but there, but he did manage to come over every ten minutes to update us on the status of our cocktails (‘they’re coming soon’). Of course it’s the Caribbean, and it’s all so chilled out man, and maybe that took a bit of getting used to at times.

The food wasn’t sophisticated. It was seafood and salad, but that’s what we were there for. Mr Rice had read about the Monkey Bar’s Shrimp cocktail, so we had to go there. The presentation was lavish, the shrimps were meaty and the sauce was sharp and pungent.

My main course was the Lobster special. Half a lobster, some of the aforementioned shrimps and some salad. What can I say? It was harmless seafood: sweet lobster, grilled shrimps, salad and the ubiqitous rice and peas.

© Katheryn Rice 2007

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