Tuna sweetcorn baked potato

February 25, 2007

When I’m feeling hungry and monged, I’d rather make the least effort possible without resorting to something rotten and processed

How fortuitious for me on Sunday afternoon then, that Mr Rice had cleverly prepared a baked potato the previous week and put it in the freezer. Granted, I had taken it out to defrost before I left the house for my night of fun in Shepherds Bush. How happy was I when I re-entered the kitchen in slow motion, thirsty and hungry, looking for salvation. And there was my potato.

I managed to gather together the potato, a can of sweetcorn (another stroke of Mr Rice genius), a tin of tuna and my precious French mayonnaise. After putting the potato in the oven to warm and crisp up, I pulled a bowl from the cupboard and the tin opener from the drawer and managed to cobble together a rather rich, sweet tasting tuna sweetcorn concoction. Heavenly on a day like this!

Resisting the hungover urge to just leave the poor potato in the oven and take my concoction still in its bowl onto the sofa and lie there slowly spooning it into my mouth, I spurred myself on to prepare the meal I had in mind. What better comfort food is there than a hot buttery potato smothered with your favourite topping and melted cheese?

I did put the whole thing in the microwave at the end. But it was only to melt the cheese!

Preparing basics and freezing them away pays dividends on a day like this.

©2007 Katheryn Rice

One comment

  1. What is it about Shepherds Bush that makes one feel so slow and grumpy? I love jacket spuds too. But, the favourite in our house has to be home made coleslaw, sweet butter and unmelted grated cheddar. and you have to rub olive oil into the skins and sprinkle generously with sea salt. yummy.

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