Sweet trout fishcakes

February 22, 2007

Sweet-toothed fishcake lovers will want to eat these light, fluffy fishcakes all day long. Using a combination of half white and half sweet potatoes has two strong plus points: it gives the meal a lower GL, and when the sweet potato combines with the trout it makes a sweet-savoury taste. When you put it in your mouth it gives you the same tickly sensation that hits the back of your throat when you eat butter cream. But if you have a more mature palate, the chives and lime zest give you the edge you need. The crunchy breadcrumb coating seals it all together.

Sweet trout fishcakes

Sweet Trout Fishcakes Recipe
500g trout fillet
250g sweet potatoes
250g floury potatoes
6 spring onions finely chopped
4 tbsps chopped chives
1 lime
1 egg, beaten
Fresh brown breadcrumbs
Oil and butter for frying

Serve with lemon wedges, green salad and slow-roasted sweet potatoes.


  • Breadcrumbs: Choose your favourite bread. Warburton’s seeded batch loaf whizzed up into crumbs makes a superior class of breadcrumb, light but fibrous and still with some of the seeds intact, giving it a unique appearance too. You can see the poppy seeds in the picture.
  • Lime zest: Go steady – be careful not to over-zest. But also remember that the aroma will be stronger while you are mixing.

©2007 Katheryn Rice


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