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Skimmed milk fudge

February 16, 2007

I saw a lovely cookery lady on telly on Saturday morning. She was making fudge, oh so easily, in oh such a short time and I thought, ‘Tomorrow I will make some fudge!’ No worries, how hard can it be to boil up some sugary things and then stir them for a bit in some cold water? How hard indeed.

Bearing in mind my special food rules, I managed to make one healthy substitution – skimmed milk instead of whole. I had boiled it all together for the prescribed time, but the ‘blob in some cold water’ test wasn’t quite working – it was still far too soft. So I boiled it some more, then did the test again. I repeated this several times, over quite a long time. In fact I was about an hour behind schedule when I decided I would move onto the next stage – the cooling. The lovely cookery lady on telly had simply held her pan in a sink of cold water and stirred the fudge until it was set. I did this for 30 minutes. Still not really set at all. So at 5pm I took the pan into the living room to watch Sunday afternoon nature programmes as I stirred. Just as Coronation Street was ending I noticed both my hands were hurting. I had blisters. I decided to stop stirring.

Result: Runny, velvety, lower fat fudge that tastes divine, and melts in your mouth like a smooth, grainy drop of sheer joy. Set it in the fridge, and keep refridgerated when it’s been cut into pieces.

©2007 Katheryn Rice

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